Thursday Notes

  • Serpent/1Lacrosse is releasing a clover shaft for the summer.
  • Am I the only one disappointed with the video quality on Why were the games filmed with a cell phone camera? Yeah, I have no idea where the ball is.
  • Where is Joe Cinosky’s video blog? This website got me through last summer, so disappointed.
  • I’m playing for the USA West team next summer. I decided.
  • First thing I think when I look at this shaft, great Warrior and Ed Hardy teamed up
  • thank you for organizing your head section by legal nature 
  • Megan Fox 2 (Transformers 2) comes out next week

6 responses to “Thursday Notes

  1. I dont think you can just decide to play for USA west. And i like how there are no heads in the 2010 legal section

  2. Good luck getting onto USA West. Maybe you can will yourself onto an all-conference team, too.

  3. I pretty sure the qualifications for USA West involve playing lacrosse in nontraditional lacrosse hotbeds…like in the western united states. They take players playing collegiately in the west or who played their high school lax in the west and then went east. I’m not sure pittsburgh qualifies, so start developing a back up story. I’m sure Vaccaro can have you written into the Plano record books ahead of clayton schneider in case they follow through…

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