Pittsburgh’s Own Creating Lacrosse Video Game


College Lacrosse 2010 has been in development for nearly three months and will be available for download through the Xbox Community Games channel in September, Sunseri said.

More news on the game here

Stay tuned to 412 Lax for further developments


9 responses to “Pittsburgh’s Own Creating Lacrosse Video Game

  1. hi im juxt wondering when this game wil come out in australia and how muc it will cost

    • Game will be available in Australia on December 15th not sure on the price aren’t most community games under 15

  2. Hey is it just for xbox, and if so is there any lax games for the ps3?

  3. Not sure if you saw my posts under “College Lacrosse 2010: The Video Game”, but in addition to my questions/suggestions on those posts, I was wondering if you had any contact information for Mr. Sunseri. That would be great, because I would like to directly communicate to him, if it is possible.

  4. pantherslax,

    My phone does not receive texts, so I am unable to confirm my account for facebook, and thus cannot communicate with him.

    I don’t know if you could ask Carlo find this out for me, but is it even possible to convert the game for Playstation Network (maybe in the next year or so?)? I know he probably isn’t even considering it, but I just wanted to know if it was possible. Because I mean, my friends and I were so disappointed that it’s not accessible on the Playstation 3. When we’re not laxin, we’re playing NCAA Football or FIFA, so we have always been excited about the idea of a lacrosse game, and how it would work out (the controls, looks, ect.).

    So if it’s possible, please ask him! And also tell him he’s doin a great thing for the sport of lacrosse, and all lax fans thank him!

  5. Please don’t let it suck. We have all been burnt by Blast Lacrosse from Activision and are really hoping for something great. I wasn’t blown away with the screenshots, but hopefully they make up for it in gameplay.

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