New K18s

White and silver are garbage. Syracuse adding navy or royal blue again would make their kit respectable again.


Still trying to figure out why Harrison is a sponsored athlete. He’s been a no show in the MLL since he stepped into the league.

STX says: These are not the gloves Cuse will be wearing next year. We just did a quick mock up to show some possible color combination and that the padding window is covered when doing custom colors

General reactions are very mixed.

They are being very protective of their facebook. Negative comments are being deleted.


4 responses to “New K18s

  1. the old k18 s were awesome, why teh drastic change. These look dumb

  2. At least Harrison is actually playing in the MLL unlike Brine’s posrt boy. Harrison does a lot of work spreading lax.

    • 1) I agree. Brine not making smart choices. “Mikey” wasn’t on the Team USA tryout list. Perhaps after he and his brothers cost us a Gold last go round, its a good idea. Wait I change my mind, its a great idea.
      2) I certainly agree that Harrison has done a great job promoting the game especially to more urban areas Baltimore, LA, and his trip to Italy last year. Do I respect him as a player? Nope. I’m so anti-Harrison that I’d be willing to take Matt Abbott before Harrison. (Thats just the Penguins euphoria talking)

  3. granted he hasnt shown too much in the MLL, i still think he’ s an exceptional lax player. but one thing he cant do is design a good looking glove for the life of him. the first k18’s were decent but these are not good looking at all, i personally think.

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