Letter to the Community

BYU Lacrosse Players, Parents, Alumni & Fans:

I never thought I would be writing this email but my hands are tied and the word has to get out. Effective immediately I have been asked to step down as the head coach for the BYU men’s lacrosse team. After an interview with Lee Gibbons on Friday May 29th the decision was made final.

My contract as head coach will not be renewed as per Lee Gibbons. Unfortunately I have lost “trust” with the director of the Extramural Sports Department. My decisions surrounding players academics, team scheduling (practice & games), roster size, coaching hours and team finances center around his final decision to not have me return for the fall 2009 semester. These and other reasons have added up to Lee’s final decision, I assume, but in the end it has come down to my unwillingness to alter my vision for the program with regards to his vision for the Extramural Sports Department on a whole.

I’m sorry that I haven’t done better to align myself with the current vision of the Extramural Sports Department under the direction of Lee Gibbons. My goal of making BYU Lacrosse the “best it can be” on and off the field has lead me to run the program in ways that exceed the scope of the Extramural Sports Department.

This week I am in the process of tying up lose ends with the team finances and the final recruiting needs for the fall semester. There will not be any Summer Scrimmages this year but I will be directing the BYU Lacrosse Summer Camps in July. I am also in the process of figuring out what is next for the Lamb family and am confident that my abilities and experiences as the head coach at BYU for the past 15 years will open some doors.

I walk away without regrets and am proud of the success we have had on and off the field. I wish that I could have talked with each of you before this email got to your computer – this is not the way that I would like many of you to hear this news. I love all those that I have been a part of BYU Lacrosse the past 15 years. Please know that I have thought long and hard this weekend about how this decision will impact many here on the team, the alumni and the new players coming to Provo for the 1st time. The future for BYU Lacrosse is bright – next year’s team should be a front runner to win a 4th National Championship!!!

Always a BYU Lacrosse Cougar:

Jason J. Lamb


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