Scott Morrison Out


CollegeLAX has also confirmed that Arizona has fired first year Head Coach Scott Morrison.  Morrison, was an assistant at the University of Michigan (2008 MCLA Champions) under John Paul before heading to Tucson to take over a once very proud LaxCats program.  Morrison was the third coach in three years for Arizona.  2009-2010 will see Arizona Lacrosse fielding their fourth coach in as many years.
All resumes for Men’s Head Coach for 2010 should be forwarded to Club President Frankie Connell at
Phone: 480-201-0877.

Pieper continues: “Until D1 coaches like Dom Starsia and John Desko join the MCLA coaching ranks, we desperately need quality leaders like Jason Lamb and Scott Morrison at our programs. This is like that Bizzaro Episode on Seinfeld.

Are the inmates running the asylum?  Someone, anyone, please stop the insanity!”

Not ready to put Scott Morrison on the same level as Jason Lamb. But he did show a desire to chase coaching jobs across the country which is commendable.

Ultimately 96% (according to a survey I made up) of the MCLA teams are student run. It’s the team’s prerogative to hire and fire coaches. Perhaps the team knows something we don’t. The inmates pay the coaching staff. If something happens that they don’t like, then you are out. They have to worry about their team first and the league second.


However, It’s a shame that after a 30 year effort from Mickey Miles Felton, Arizona can’t put together a winning season let alone keep the same coach for two years.


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