2010 Preseason First Team All Americans

To quote lax.com
We’ve done the hard work of removing the seniors from the 2009 All-Americans and moving everyone up a notch (with minor adjustments). We will re-release this list in January 2010 to make it appear timely and relevant.

First Team Attack

Trevor Yealy Michigan Junior

Connor Martin Chapman Senior

Adam Foss Simon Fraser Senior

First Team Midfield

Elliot Grow BYU Senior

Dan Pitzl Duluth Senior

Thomas Russel Simon Fraser Senior

First Team Defense

Harry Freid Michigan Junior

Jason Arias BYU Sophomore

Andrew Stein CSU Senior

First Team Goalie

Rob Ventura Boston College Junior


3 responses to “2010 Preseason First Team All Americans

  1. no lsm or fogo

  2. You forgot a few
    David Reinhard Michigan Junior

    Long Stick Midfielder
    Max Sanford Claremont Senior

    Defensive Midfielder
    Ryan Alletag Cal Poly Senior

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