San Diego Final + Bonus Info

How many of these kids are going to end up playing in the SLC and WCLL I wonder?

Impressed with the crowd size and La Costa Canyon’s all gold gloves.


  • I have as much respect for Eminem as an artist as I do for Henrik Zetterberg throwing punches with his gloves on.
Big difference in manhood being displayed

Big difference in manhood being displayed

  • Rabil is wearing some kind of Robocop gloves in the MLL. Unfortunately this is the best picture I can find, better pictures are on Inside Lacrosse but they don’t let fans use their pictures from the photo galleries.


  • Do Rabil and Malkin look alike? Yes, however its important to note one is Russian and one is Lebanese.
  • has yet to begin their coverage of the MLL beyond releasing the draft results
  • Matt Abbott not winning the Tewaaraton Award saved Memorial Day.
  • I was hoping E-Lacrosse would have the MCLA D1 semifinals on video. No, they have decided to stop at the D2 semis.
  • is having a heart attack right now. Don’t visit the website.
  • MCLA 2010 Preseason All American List coming soon
  • MCLA 2010 Preseason Top 10 coming soon

6 responses to “San Diego Final + Bonus Info

  1. The funny thing is, the only pe0ple I know of who advocated Abbott winning the Tewaaraton Trophy were Syracuse fans. Anybody with a shred of objectivity recognized that the Tewaaraton is for the best player in the country, not the best role player in the country.

    • Media driven as well infected the Syracuse faithful which isn’t really their fault. Usually its smart to listen to “experts.”

      My main argument against him being a top player is that just because Syracuse asks him to do all those things doesn’t mean he is the only one capable of doing it.

      Consider his ability to clear the ball. He does a good job of that sure, but Max Seibald runs a 4.38 40 and is far larger than Abbott. Do you think Seibald is incapable of clearing the ball? No, Cornell doesn’t ask him to do that.

      He plays defense. Sure he does. A lot of middies have to play defense. But was he ever assigned to shut down the opposing teams best option? No. Syracuse asks him to play defense because he can not because he’s the only person that can play short stick d middie.

      He can score. Sure he can. Does he alot? No. Was he their top offensive weapon? No. Better question, was any defensive coach thinking, if we can stop Matt Abbott we stop their entire offense? No.

      No one is afraid of Matt Abbott. No one should be. Just because Quint and Dave fell in love with him doesn’t mean he is a Tewaaraton finalist. Is he a special player? Sure. Would I take him on my team? In a second. Would I take him first to build my team around? Absolutely not. That’s like drafting a kicker first in fantasy football.

      Long story short, after traditionally awarding the Tewaaraton to the player on the watch list who’s team won the final, the committee picked the correct person this year.

  2. those lcc unis are fly from the team socks to the gold gloves to the unis themselves. Nicer than most mcla unis

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