SCF Game 1

You have to figure that the last team the Detroit Red Wings wanted to play in the Stanley Cup Finals was the Pittsburgh Penguins.
They wanted to face a young and inexperienced Washington or Philadelphia team.
They hoped they would face off against the Bruins or the Devils.
But instead they get us.
From the amount of complaining Mike Babcock is already doing, you can be sure that they didn’t want to face us.
But they’ll have to.
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2 responses to “SCF Game 1

  1. My Wings in four to make up for the two snafoos in last years SCF. Last year they wanted to make Sid the Kid feel good and let the Pens have a couple. This year they’ll rub Pittsburgh into the ground. S-W-E-E-P

    • If you’re a Detroit fan, you’re thinking,” Wings won, food stamps came today, series is over.”

      We’re thinking, “Shockingly, they don’t award the Cup after one game in the Finals.
      Kirk Maltby is a hack.”

      Everyone will once again be talking about the heroics of Osgood.
      And Fleury will be tossed under a bus.

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