Last Name Helmet Panels

Yes or no? Vote in the comments


Fat Perritt also has a Nike swoosh and #1 tatted on his calf. Good decisions on 3

Our reaction, along with this year’s biggest on field fashion hits and misses coming this week.


6 responses to “Last Name Helmet Panels

  1. YES. team sport with personal recognition.

  2. Killerswellsbrah

    no. lame sauce.

  3. Name on helmet panels – yes (see below)
    corporate logo tattoo – only if you are Jordan and Nike owns your soul
    # Tattoo- only if you don’t wear #1 (what a douche)

    I would rather have the name on the helmet panel than on the jersey. I am not a fan of player names on jerseys – especially in college & HS. Using the back panel allows you to wear your name & identify your lid quickly.

  4. Nike tat… NO
    I kinda like the helmet, its funny and something new. Yes on that. Number tat, I agree with as long as its not #1

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