Deerfield Academy is my favorite high school lacrosse team in the country not named Mount Lebanon.

In fact I have already created a fund to ensure my offspring can attend.


If you saw this team walking towards you what would you think?

Why are there 25 green Darth Vadars headed this way? And why is the Boondocks Saints father playing the bagpipes?


5 responses to “Deerfield

  1. i would think they are retarded and then they would run me off the field

  2. I saw a picture of this team a few months ago on the 90% of lax flow group. By far one of the coolest lax pictures I have seen in my life. Best team intro by far. And where are there locker rooms. They hidden in the woods to make a more dramatic entrance?

  3. Sir Robert Goodchild

    Them’s me lads, aint they rather dandy!

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