Wednesday Morning


pale upstate skin

pale upstate skin

Lacrosse is officially over. I have nothing left to live for until fall ball. The MLL is as serious as the soccer cleats that Syracuse player is wearing.

As we head into the start of the world wide lacrosse offseason, we’ll be reporting on what we’re doing to get better this summer. (After starting off the season going 4-0 we finished 5-6. Not good enough.) This season was the first time I ever played on a losing team, and as if I needed any more motivation…

This is my senior season.

After transferring from an NCAA D3 school and getting into coaching right away, I never thought I’d get another opportunity to have a senior year of college lax but that wonderful gift was delivered to my door step this January when I joined the University of Pittsburgh Men’s Lacrosse team.

Essentially senior year starts now. I hung a sign above my bedroom door that simply asks, “are you hungry?”

School is 12 weeks away. Fall ball is 14.

Time to work.

Are you hungry?

We want to know what you’re doing this summer to improve. Wall ball, lifting, summer tournaments? Post in the comments. Comment right up.

Its 5:18 AM. I am taking this time to take a break from studying, think about why I pulled an all nighter in summer school, and am dreading staying awake for my test at noon.

Song to keep me going and hopefully get your day off to a rip roaring good start


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