New England Lacrosse

Things are done a little differently in New England. For example, if you live in Maine its perfectly acceptable to cheer for a pro sports team that plays in a stadium thirty minutes outside of Boston.

The Strange is no different on the lacrosse field.

Consider the following video a favorite at the 412 Lax office.

Here’s a where’s Waldo type picture. In a game between Taft and Brunswick (both CT schools who technically might not be New Englanders thus murdering the point of this post which we may have to rename lax in affluent areas) I noticed someone trying to stay quite warm on the sideline. Here is a hint, a bear is not standing to the right of #26


Nothing says put me in coach like a Joe Namath inspired fur hood.

Deerfield (MA), currently the 6th ranked team on Laxpower, had to play against this monster


Have to respect the Nike socks over the tube socks with the swoosh just under the stripes but the Vietnam War veteran haircut is freaking me out.


One response to “New England Lacrosse

  1. CT is part of new england

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