College Lacrosse 2010 : The Video Game

Unlike the goofs over at Inside Lacrosse who talk about how awesome it would be to have a lacrosse video game but then say its not really coming but its cool to dream about then do something really dumb and suggest that maybe kids in America would want to play a box lacrosse video game, we like to talk about things that are actually happening.

As reported on 412 Lax several weeks ago, a lacrosse video game is coming out for XBOX 360


Check out their FB fanpage for all the up to date information

This game is being developed by a high school teammate of mine and current assistant coach at Robert Morris.

Just a fine example of how Pittsburgh lacrosse is helping to shape the game.

(412 Lax for the finest in lax intel. The snozzberries taste like snozzberries)


13 responses to “College Lacrosse 2010 : The Video Game

  1. That is a bad ass cover for the game

  2. Is there a set release date yet?

  3. Most likely August to September i hope…

    • This was posted May 31, “College Lacrosse 2010 is scheduled to be finished with development in THREE MONTHS! We can not yet confirm an official release date. CL10 will be available though Xbox Live’s Community Game Channel. Thanks again for your support. Keep inviting friends!”

      So Austin is on point, end of August/early September if they make the release date

  4. i heard that you have to buy this game in xbox market place. you cant get it in stores. is that true?

  5. why can’t there be a game made for ps3 too

    • The creator of the game is essentially operating out of his basement. There are more 360s on the market to buy units.

    • Hey Guys,

      Thanks for all the support.

      As you might know, a month ago I announced the development of College Lacrosse 2010. With your help CL10 has already accumulated 28,000 fans! Thank you.

      It is now our goal to reach 100,000 fans by the end of July in hopes of getting bought out by EA. There is no way we will be able to accomplish this without all of your support.

      If you could please visit our Facebook Page and use the “Suggest to Friend” tool under our logo to help spread the word, we would be one step closer

      Thanks again.

      – Carlo

  6. Why is it not possible to be converted for PlayStation Network use? I have been waiting for a LONG time for ANY lax game to come out, and now its only for Xbox Live? I would have rather never heard about this game, it makes me want to kill myself that i will not be able to play it.

    Please, hear me out! Even if it takes a couple months after the game’s release on Xbox Live to get it out on PSN, there is NO DOUBT that I, and my whole group of friends, will wait for this game. It would be a dream come true to stop playing my NCAA Football games and start playing College Lacrosse 2010! please, please, please, please, please! If you double the buyers, you double the money! I cannot express enough my feelings of excitement for the game. I might seriously think about buying a used 360 just to download this game.

    • In all of my despair, I also forgot to mention that I fully support this game and will spread it around as much as I can. I am also going to post some threads on some gaming sites such as GameTrailers and IGN perhaps. I want this game to be successful, even if I will not have a chance to play it. Hopefully if EA does get their hands on it (they have the money, I’m sure they can afford it), they will have the ability to convert it to PS3. So I’m going to cross my fingers and hope that you guys can get as many supporters as possible.

      One more thing – I have seen many posts on gaming websites that support a lacrosse video game, even if they do not have any knowledge of the sport. Remember, a new sport in a video game always has support from sports fans.

  7. Hello all, FYI the Fan page is now gone, does anyone know what happened?

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