412 Lax On Field Awards: Best KIT 2nd Place

As mentioned in the uniform award, the kit is the total package, uniform, helmet, gloves, both home and away.

Texas would have been a front runner for Best Kit but their orange warrior uniforms feature the longhorn logo on the chest ruined that opportunity. After all lacrosse uniforms are not hockey uniforms. (The list of major uniform fouls is coming soon)

Now to the glorious award of Best Kit 2009.

2nd place Claremont Cougars



Associate Head Coach AJ Stevens promised me good things from Claremont
this season and I was not disappointed. The Cougars were the only team in the country sporting home and away Nike Six Nation uniforms. Their uniform font was custom to match the school’s font unlike some schools who just order the stock font from Nike (i.e. Sonoma State). Uniform numbers are unique and garner attention.

I can’t tell if I like the whites or the blacks better. You tell me.

Heres why they are 2nd place by fractions. Not every player is sporting the Pro 7 and not every player is sporting the new Brine King IIs which alot of people lot was the best glove to come out in 2009.

Ticky tack perhaps but out of 104 MCLA D1 teams, Claremont is the 2nd best and that’s not bad.

Note: D2 teams not included for a reason.


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