MLL started last week?

Let’s get one thing straight. I love lacrosse. I love lacrosse more than my ex girlfriend which is why she’s my ex-girlfriend. So all kidding aside, when something as big as the MLL season starting occurs I don’t know about it something is really wrong with their marketing campaign.

Months ago when the league contracted 49 teams in one day I wasn’t surprised and chastised the league for making poor decisions. I felt bad for all the D3 kids who had made MLL rosters who were likely to be left off rosters this summer. Too many players not enough spots. 

Last weekend when I was reluctantly checking IL’s website after another impotent offensive performance by the Princeton Tigers’ offense, I noticed a small blurb that said Toronto 17 Washington 16. I didn’t think the MLL season started until after the final four but I guess I was wrong. hasn’t even started its coverage of the league so in their mind the season hasn’t started yet either.

The Cannons website in classic MLL form is still using pictures from last season to highlight their upcoming tilt against Denver. But at least they have an updated poll question regarding what song the dance team should dance to. Hilariously, Chris Brown was left off the the tag for Freeze by T-Pain.

To reiterate, if someone who broke up with his girlfriend because they loved lacrosse more than her, didn’t know the MLL season was starting your marketing sucks and Inside Lacrosse’s coverage sucks as well. I hate to use elementary swear words but its true. 

Players switch teams every week. Uniforms change every year. The Chicago Machine are completely new colors this year. No rivalries form. No tradition. And now, no announcement that the season is starting. 

Did you know Long Island and Washington went into overtime last night? I didn’t until 30 seconds ago.

One good thing that came out of last weekend: The Boston-Long Island game had a huge crowd. So at least they knew about it. Video highlights show Paul Rabil believing he can walk on water.


2 responses to “MLL started last week?

  1. MLL marketing sucks. If the league and Lacrosse sites/pubs don’t take the league seriously, how will anyone else?
    I beleive that the MLL is the key to a true lax explosion. Unfortunately the powers-that-be don’t know how to turn it…
    They should wait until after the final 4 to start though…

  2. I love how Snider is already clamping the ball before the whistle blows and still loses the face off.

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