Defender of The Year


We’ve gushed about his teammate 6’6 teammate Chris Schaible all season long, but UCSB’s James Guzik is also 6’6, also a captain, also a senior, and the best defender in the country. Anytime you can march a giant of a man out on defense, attackman are naturally going to be intimidated but when that 6’6 giant can also run, you know its going to be a long day for your offense. Chris spearheaded one of the nations best defenses (holding Michigan in check during the regular season). He lead his team in ground balls with 41 and chipped in 2 goals and 4 assists. If you want to start a team, he’s your first pick at close defense every time.

Congratulations to James, 412 Lax’s Defender of the Year


3 responses to “Defender of The Year

  1. OMG! He’s 6’6 AND a captain! Wow! He must be the best defender in the country!!!1

  2. hes definitely one the best close defenders, but not the best overall defender in the nation. Wasn’t even first team AA. What about Britt Cone (BYU), Curtis Manning(SFU), or Max Sanford(Claremont). those guys all posted better gb and offensive numbers (Sanford had a dozen goals, Cone had 146 gbs) and neither had the luxury of playing with Schiable.

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