Brine Shakedown Gloves

We had pictures two days ago. No big deal.

Now has the full description. Expect Duke to be wearing these tomorrow.


Brand new “Elephant skin” adds more exterior protection to the back hand. Play-off lacrosse is very intense, especially championship weekend, and the hits are harder so we wanted to make sure The Shakedowns had the ultimate in protection without adding any weight. Also, the “elephant skin” deflects moisture so if it rains during the games, Duke’s hands will stay dry and fast.

Are you impressed with Elephant Skin technology? Apparently play-off lacrosse is very intense.


3 responses to “Brine Shakedown Gloves

  1. So intense that it requires gloves uglier than anything made by Gait – ever.

    • Ever.
      I wonder how the Gait team feels watching Bratton wear their gloves from 3 years ago. “Uh yeah, the 2009 and 2008 models not only look terrible but they play terrible as well.” Gait Lax making good players play ugly since 2002

  2. Quinzani and a couple of his bros were sporting these against UNC, while they are better than their Silo’s, they are still a step down from the King’s.

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