New Brine Gloves

These are the new Mike(y) “Take My Music Career Seriously” Powell Gloves from Brine



Duke editions. Silver for no reason. Looks like a disco ball overdosed. 


Joe Breschi is a terrible coach and will constantly let down UNC fans. 

1-5 record against ACC teams this year. Go choke on your hype.

Your thoughts?


3 responses to “New Brine Gloves

  1. Hideous.
    Why does a 26 year old former college phenom still have a glove line when he is sitting out the only pro field lax league in the world for the THIRD time? Baby Mikey is a disgrace and Brine should have somebody that gives a damn about lax endorse their gear…

  2. After not winning an ACC game in what, 5 years at least? Breschi turned OSU into a contender, and being at UNC is only going to make recruiting easier. The way he’s engaged the alums and brought back the sense of tradition is going to pay long-term dividends for the program.

    • Technically they still haven’t won an ACC regular season game in quite some time.
      Breschi is in the same situation as Haus was, great recruits will go in to Chapel Thrill and no wins will come out.
      In 2008 they were 8-6, in 2009 they were 12-6. Sure that’s an improvement they won an ACC tournament game and they won a first round playoff game. But look at the seniors they lose this year, starting goalie Zimmerman, starting attack Wagner, middie Ben Hunt (foolishly referred to by Coach Joe Breschi on Ben Hunt
      as one of the most dominant middies in the country), Jack Ryan starting senior d pole, the best faceoff guy in the nation in Walterhoefer and more.
      That was the best UNC team they’ve had in a while and still wasn’t good enough to beat Duke a third time in the season. Although Duke suddenly decided to play lights out ball without Dino and Greer. Having said that a lot of analysts, if you want to call the losers at IL analysts, were taking UNC.
      Keep in mind if Bitter only scores 6 goals instead of 8, their first round game against UMBC is going to overtime and they might not even get another shot at Duke.
      Long story short, I’m not anti-UNC. It would be good for the sport for new blood to enter the final four. It’s almost comical that the program keeps getting great recruits to come to a great academic institution that sports tier 1 athletics, and they have nothing to show for it since the early 90s.
      I don’t believe Breschi is the man for the job at all, especially given his track record against Duke in big games. Probably the best hire at the time, certainly not the man for the job.

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