Tuesday Notes


  • Still no stats on mcla.us. Mike Bartomioli is furious.
  • Chapman players need to learn how to close out games. In their two games against Michigan they out scored the Wolverines 16-9 in the first half and lead after the break in both games. In the second half they only mustered 5 goals and allowed 16. That’s not going to win you close games.
  • Credit Michigan’s second half adjustments but shame on Chapman for allowing it to happen twice. 
  • Colorado was overwhelmed against the Wolverines in the semifinals but they did a great job turning around their season after a 5-4 start
  • No journal entry from Coach Naumberg since May 4th. We are watching that situation quite closely. I surmise he is retiring.
  • More CSU news, Laxpower has them ranked 6th. I beg to differ.
  • I’ve decided I don’t like the adidas lax cleats Michigan is sporting. adidas has always made awkward football, baseball, and basketball shoes while the soccer cleats are generally top notch thanks to D. Beckham’s influence. The reason I initially liked these cleats was the yellow (team inspired bottom) but ultimately no dice for those models. Reggie Bush being their premiere athlete does nothing for me either
  • Thank God Pitt is switching back to Nike so we can wear these, etc. 


Later this week, end of season awards


5 responses to “Tuesday Notes

  1. Bmore special

    What difference does it make what shoe company Pitt is using? Your team wears whatever shoes the guys can afford don’t they?

    • You are 50% spot on.

      I would surmise 99% of the kids in the MCLA buy their own cleats, with the obvious exception to Michigan. (They get freebies. Their budget is bigger than Obama’s war on terror budget.)

      Pitt switching back to Nike is great for a million reasons with the top two being 1) adidas makes awful stuff and 2) we’ll have to replace our adidas uniforms with a Nike kit.

  2. Adidas does make the ugliest uniforms…
    You can only do so much when your shoe design required three parallel stripes…
    Adidas can’t even match their maize/yellows. Look how dark Michigan’s gloves are compared to everything else – including their pads.
    Those Nike cleats are sick! Better than the Hauraches

  3. Bmore special

    I hear you. I happen to like the adidas shoes and uniforms though. At least they don’t look like every other team out there anymore. Can Nike please come up with some variety in their uniforms?

    Looking back at old pictures, Warrior couldn’t match the Michigan yellows either. If you look at Michigan hockey and some other sports, Nike couldn’t either. Leather and fabric have to be hard to match. I’m sure they tried.

    • Adidas uniforms are far better than their cleats. Although the trim on Michigan’s shorts remind me of pajamas or a bathing suit for some reason. Adidas lacrosse gloves are a traveshamockery but I think its difficult to match up colors perfectly. As an avid custom team builder on NHL 09 I know this only too well.

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