Plucking Corners is Not Amused

Plucking Corners had this to say about ESPN’s lacrosse coverage

Pluck you Fios and ESPNU…before I switched out from Comcast I didnt get ESPNU…and I still liked lacrosse.  Thanks to Quints Merkin and Dave Ryan I have learned to hate the game.  Did you know that Max Seibald is the fastest athlete at Cornell?  They failed to mention that he cant hit the cage to save his life.  How about re-trigger?  What the hell does that mean?  Quint’s Merkin is infatuated with teaching and life lessons and respect…did you know that when Chad Wiedmaier caught Rocco Romero in the trolley tracks he was showing both Romero and the sports of lacrosse respect?  Looked more like a dude getting blown up after a buddy pass than a player paying homage to the Iroqouis Nation.  MUTE.


That’s tough


2 responses to “Plucking Corners is Not Amused

  1. but true…i swear if i have to watch the same GD coaches corners or listen to them explain what failure to advance is again I will MUTE! can you imagine watching basketball and having the commentators explain what over and back is…

  2. we all know quint’s a jackass, but give the man a break. espn wants the masses to get excited about lax, they need quint to dumb things down for their target audiences.

    plain and simple.

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