Hangover After the Ball

MCLA.US did a great job covering in game stats during the tournament.

Insidelacrosse.com probably had the most knowledgeable in game blog coverage as much as it kills me to compliment that publication

I confess I didn’t care to listen to collegelax.us radio broadcast.

Maybe its just me, but I don’t want to listen to guys talk about the right way to play the game or provide an influx of teaching points like a club lacrosse version of Quint Kessnich.

However, the chat room style in game blogs were a great improvement from stalking message boards.

Here’s the problem. It’s been over twelve hours since Michigan won the national championship.

There’s nothing on Michigan’s website declaring as much.

Nothing on collegelax.us

MCLA.us has the score and the by period scoring but nothing else.

Last night was the game everyone wanted to see, but no one stuck around to talk about it.

After a great season it seems like we are still waiting for it to end. The league took steps forward with its online coverage but a step back today because there is no closure.

People on this blog complained of no game stories. Not everyone can or is willing watch chat rooms at 11pm on a Friday night.

A simple article detailing Chapman’s demise and Michigan’s climb in the second half wouldn’t have been hard to write 12 hours after it happened.

It should be expected of our league’s website.


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