Can’t Stop What You Can’t Stop


In Casino Royale, the newly minted 007 walks right up to the hotel front desks and announces his arrival with bravado and determination. Vesper Lynd is of course mortified, chastising his unflappable ego. But the stage is set and now Le Chiffre nows his foil has arrived. And there’s nothing he can do to stop James Bond.

Each remaining team in the final four has a James Bond of their own. A player everyone knows about that no one can seem to stop. After the jump take a look at our 007 rankings.

4. At 5’11’ 170 James “AJ” Blackburn isn’t the most intimidating attackman in the league but then again the average sized MCLA player isn’t 6’1 200 either. Blackburn manages to call attention to himself in other ways. He wears the standard look at me number, number 1. And, he’s scored a measly 53 points 19 points more than their second leading scorer. Michigan will have their eye on him tonight.JBlackburn

3. Elliot Grow is really, really fast. He’s playing like Kylor Berkman did last year
leading his team in points with 39 goals and 39 assists from the midfield indicates he’s quickly adept at beating the pole and scoring and drawing the slide and moving it to an open team. It also means he touches the ball a lot. In their 9-8 victory over FSU to advance to the semifinals, Grow had a hat trick and one helper. Necessary offense. Perhaps the fastest midfielder in the league.

2. Connor Martin is not shy. Few attackman are quiet, reserved, even tempered guys. Martin wants all eyes on him from the super blonde flow to the number 99 on his back to helping to carry Chapman from MCLA mediocrity to possible back to back national championship game appearances. His face has been plastered all over,, this website, the 90% of the game is the flow facebook group and more. I can only hope they wear their blacks tonight against BYU so he can play one more game.

1. Yealy is one of the taller attackmen in the league and he may seem even bigger when an defender is trying to cover him. Trying being the key word as no one has figured it out in his short career. Through 17 games, Yealy has 80 goals and 3 assists. Most players might not take 80 shots in a season. Most players might not score 80 goals in their four year career. What’s perhaps more scary about Yealy is his anti-Ovechkin approach to shooting. He hasn’t scored 80 goals on 600 shots, but 80 on 142 shots, which means he’s scoring better than once every two shots. He tallied 5 against Colorado in their first meeting back in March, but the Buffs are a much different team than they were. I surmise so is Michigan.


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