SHOCK and Awe

Shocked over the BYU-FSU score

Shocked over the SFU-Chapman overtime game

Annoyed that UMD played not to lose in the second half

Sonoma alumni are still getting scored on by Wolverines and/or they are still trying to figure out the reason their helmet is navy/black and royal blue.
Sports are not just about big-time moments and big-time performances.
They are about watching people do things that you can’t do.
Enjoy your day off.
Everyone needs it.
Semifinal preview pending.
Did even cover the first two rounds? I still can’t find anything. (Oh you just click the logo where it says click, makes sense)

2 responses to “SHOCK and Awe

  1. thanksandgigem

    college lax is covering all the rounds. click on the championship banner and they have all the scores and live blogs and sometimes live video for every game.

  2. Bmore special

    But no game stories to be found anywhere.

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