So Close to Perfection

412 Lax with a near perfect bracket

Successfully predicted every game but Sonoma and Lindenwood

Most notably might be the prediction of the CU UCSB game which we had at 11-4 CU

Final Score CU 11- UCSB 3


Fellow #17 Michael Emerson making it rain

Fellow #17 Michael Emerson making it rain

Other First Round Notes

  • Michigan Texas was a lot closer than expected. Trevor Yealy said they got off to a slow start and generally didn’t play well. Understandable considering the long trip to Denver. 
  • Simon Fraser tried to make us look foolish by going down early to Virginia Tech. Maybe if they were a higher seed like they deserved to be this close game wouldn’t have happened. Regardless, SFU went on a 8-1 run in the fourth to beat the Hokies. As we suggested earlier, the Hokies offense was impressive in person the defense not so much. Perhaps the fighting Clansmen agree.
  • Rob Ventura did his part for Boston College while Casey Mithun was a no show for Duluth shockingly recording only a groundball according to stats. This was the second game of the day decided by a 9-8 score. Mithun will have to show up against Colorado for the Dogs to advance.
  • Almost had the BYU Oregon score as well, predicted 15-3 BYU, final 12-3. Whatever
  • Heard rumors early in the evening that Chapman Colorado State was a close game. Didn’t believe it. No stats on to talk about. Next
  • FSU can score goals that is clear posting 16 on Cal Poly including 5 in the first and 6 in the 4th. They will have to tighten up if they hope to move on.
  • The Sonoma Lindenwood game might have been the most entertaining game. I don’t know I wasn’t there just clicking refresh on my computer. Lindenwood did call a timeout with 0:44 to go. I wonder what play they drew up. It didn’t work. Hats off to Mike Coursault. He did his best 1 goal and 4 or 5 assists on the team’s 9 total goals.

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