Quarterfinals, 50 Cent not welcome


Yealy rediscovers his ruthless scoring touch with 4+ and the Wolverines shake out their travel legs. I don’t see the pressure of them going undefeated creep into their heads until the finals. Michigan rights the ship wins by 8. First Round LOCK


Mithun has to score and create opportunities for his teammates for Duluth to win this game because the Buffs are trying to be world beaters and are far more talented right now than BC. Duluth alumni have made the trip invading hostile Denver. Duluth by 2.


Is this real life? Why are these two teams playing each other in the quarterfinals? They should be meeting in the final 4. Capitals Penguins all over. It’s a shame one of these teams has to go home so early. Sticking with my guns. SFU by 3.


BYU’s offensive unit is too talented too disciplined for Florida State’s defense which gave up an ungodly 46 goals  in 3 games at the end of the season. Coorey Noonan’s career ends with nothing to show for it, much like Dan Marino, a Pittsburgh native. BYU by 6.

I donate this tune to the teams that lose tonight


One response to “Quarterfinals, 50 Cent not welcome

  1. I agree with your predictions. But if Chapman & SF didn’t meet this round then BYU would be subbed in their place. I suppose that UMD could be in Chap’s place. Either way, the final four will be tight.

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