Lindenwood vs Sonoma State

You can’t fault Lindenwood for dominating a weak conference and earning an AQ.

They have one of the better middies in the country in Mike Coursault (47,14) who along with Sam Spallitta (46,7) form one of the more dynamic middie lines in the MCLA, perhaps the club version of Rabil and Peyser.


Coursault dodging against CSU

Coursault dodging against CSU

I still have no idea how Sonoma got into the tournament as a 9th seed after pitching a 5-3 regular season conference record. They do have one goal wins over UCSB, CSU, CU but they are no longer under the guidance of Doug Carl and have subsequently disappeared from the elite.

Sonoma has an impressive middie duo as well. Marcus Sylva (41,29) and Jordan Ambler (37,9) have to produce for Sonoma to advance.




I can’t remember the last time Lindenwood was a higher seed in the tournament even if they are only the 8th seed in the 8/9 matchup. They haven’t lost in over a month. While Sonoma has two losses to Chico State and Cal Poly in the last two weeks. Like so many teams this year, Sonoma backed into the tournament. Lindenwood is in good shape to advance, peaking at the right time.

Prediction Lindenwood 15 Somona 10


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