Cal Poly vs. FSU

Once bounce here or there and Cal Poly’s season could be completely different. One goal losses to Santa Clara and Cal should be considered upsets by Cal Poly’s standards and a 6-3 loss to UCSB has to sting. Had Cal Poly scored just a few more goals in those games they could be looking at an undefeated season and a higher seed if conventional wisdom ruled the tournament selection committee. 


I have no idea what to make of Florida State. They played absolutely no one of significance all season going undefeated until they played Virginia Tech and Florida to end the season. They lost both games allowing 35 goals and scoring only 19.

Two weeks later FSU avenged their loss to the Hokies by beating them 16-3 in the SELC tournament.

It seems like Corey Noonan has been putting up points for forever in Tally but this it for him. Elite players get their teams to the next level.

This is a tougher one to call. East vs west but I like FSU finally going against the chalk.


Prediction FSU 12 Cal Poly 10


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