Michigan vs. Texas

Tough luck for Texas despite going 16-3 winning their conference tournament unlike some teams ranked above them they get the honor of being destroyed in the first round by Michigan.

Chapman beat them 14-4 early in the season and they have upset losses to Southern Methodist and and Illinois.

Johnny McKnight is Texas’ best offensive player, a freshman who turned down several D1 offers in favor of the beautiful girls at Austin. He needs to touch the ball every offensive possession have 4+ goals and/or 4+ assists drawing a slide every time for this game to stay competitive.

Otherwise, this is the highlight of the Longhorns’ season


Shame they didn’t get to play in the Cowboys stadium again. Epic mustache in the front row. And they have they are up for a kit of the year award.

Still not sure how a team goes 16-3 and is the 16th seed when a team with an equally soft schedule goes 18-2 and earns the 8th seed…Lindenwood

Prediction Michigan 16 Texas 5


One response to “Michigan vs. Texas

  1. Texas does have rocking, simple, and classy unis. Props.
    The seedings are all kinds of screwy. Explain to me how Oregon got in over Florida…
    Johnny McKnight is the prime example of why the east coast powerhouses will weaken once the really big schools in Florida & Texas break into the NCAA. Cold temps in Cuse can’t compete with warm weather and Texas hotties. Tradition be damned…

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