UCSB doesn’t belong in the tournament after losing to Arizona in their conference tournament blah blah.

Colorado lost to to two non tournament teams and still earns the 5th overall seed. 

Moving on.

UCSB has a stout defense as evident in allowing only 7 goals against Michigan and Chapman. I’ve already discussed my fear Chris Schaible their 6’6′ close defender even though we’ve never been in the same time zone.

Their problem is goal scoring averaging only 9 goals a game.

Colorado hung 10 on BYU twice while UCSB only mustered 4.


UCSB’s offense can’t hang and their defense will tire in the second half.

Prediction Colorado 11 UCSB 4


4 responses to “CU vs. UCSB

  1. Colorado may not belong, but those gold team STX Cells are tight! Best gloves I’ve seen all year

  2. Did you and this guy compare notes?

    I think you are both spot on, it doesn’t matter about wins and losses, just about who you play. As long as the top 15 teams schedule each other, they will always be the ones that go to nationals. SSU, CSU, Oregon & UCSB do not belong this year.

    • haha you dou do know 16 teams have to go to nationals and any of the 4 teams youd replace ssu, csu, oregon, and ucsb with would also not deserve it. Great previews by the way.

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