Chapman vs. CSU

According to Coach Naumberg: We have one week to pull together the big upset.  As the 14th seed it certainly would be an upset to beat the #3 seed.  The shoe is on the other foot now as we have spent many years abusing lower seeds in our first round match-ups.  All we can control is how we prepare, and in a way I feel like we are fortunate to get in the tournament.  Granted we had a murderous schedule, but we also haven’t won any big games recently either.  We shall see…..


According to me: Colorado State is another team that is an example of the tournament committee picking teams that can afford to go but don’t belong.

Tournament resume

Wins over tournament teams: UCSB, Boston College, Lindenwood

Losses to tournament teams: BYU, Minnesota Duluth, Chapman, Michigan, Colorado, Cal Poly, Sonoma State

Last 3 games 1-2 with a win over Nebraska. CSU is backing into the tournament. Chapman beat them by 10 in March and the Panthers are on mission to redeem themselves. Tough luck for the Rams but they simply aren’t that good this year.

Prediction: Chapman 17 CSU 7  

(Connor Martin goes off for 6,2)


One response to “Chapman vs. CSU

  1. You hit it on the head. They don’t belong. Still would be nice if they redeemed themselves by upsetting Chapman. Prove everybody wrong.

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