BYU vs. Oregon

Oregon earns the 15th seed after finishing the season with an 11-6 record including big wins over Minnesota, Washington, Washington State, Idaho, Gonzaga, Boise State, and so forth.

No offense to those teams, but that’s an outrage. He knows it, she knows it, Kobe Bryant knows it, Mark Kolver knows it, everybody knows it.

At this point you have to wonder, what does it really take to get into the tournament. 

Tournament committee: Oregon you guys beat zero tournament teams and lost by 4+ goals to tournament teams, but can you afford to come to Denver?

Oregon: We sure can.

Tournament committee: Great, you’re in.


By the way Oregon, if you are looking for a reminder that you don’t belong in the National Tournament, look at BYU’s schedule on their website. They are already preparing to face the winner of Cal Poly Florida State.

But remember the last time BYU got caught looking ahead

Prediction BYU 15 Oregon 3


5 responses to “BYU vs. Oregon

  1. (removed by editor)

  2. sorry, 1:13 Mithun asks where the post game milk pong party is

  3. 1) pete nelson, you’re a schmuck. and so i mithun. scott wishart is the best attackman at UMD, and he doesn’t need to talk shit to feel good about himself.

    2) im no oregon fan, but there are worse teams in the tourney. period. they’ve had high-quality losses…to some, that doesn’t matter. to others, it does.

    3) let’s just be excited for some quality lax.

  4. Oregon doesn’t stand a chance. They don’t belong here. I honestly think it was a logistical choice because better programs (Florida for example) are too far away. Oregon is close enough to bring fans…

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