Jason King St. Thomas Interview

On Monday morning (5/4/09), the MCLA national selection committtee  released the national championship invitations and seeding information.  As expected, UST received an automatic invitation because of their conference championship.  The Tommies have been selected as the #2 seed overall.  Because of their high seed, UST will have a bye for the day-one opening round (Tuesday May 12).  On Wednesday (4 pm MT), St. Thomas will play the winner of Missouri State vs. Westminster.  

412 Lax sat down with the one of the St. Thomas leading scorers junior attackman Jason King from Dellwood Minnesota to learn about life in MCLA D2 Land.


412: What are the expectations every year St. Thomas?

King: We have high expectations at UST every year. One of course is winning the UMLL conference but also making it to nationals and competing for a national championship.

412: How different is your club lacrosse experience from your high school experience?

King: When I played high school lacrosse it was still considered a “club” sport so it is really not that different. I am used to having to pay team dues every year. The main difference is that playing in college at UST we get to travel all over the country to play top teams.

412: As on of the top scorers on the team, describe your role in the offense.

King: I am much more of a role player in the offense than a creator. My job is to keep things organized in the offense, being a captain, and finishing my opportunities. I am much more of an “inside shooter” than a “outside on the run shooter.” My job is to also to feed our athletic midfielders.

412: What’s it like playing in the Tommies and Johnnies game?

King: The Tommie Johnnie game is different than every other game both teams will play every year. If either team could only win one game all year, they would pick this one. In my opinion this is the greatest rivalry in MCLA D2. Even though both teams always have high powered offenses the game is always low scoring because both teams know eachother so well. 

412: How close is the team off the field, during the off season?

King: We have a great group of guys at UST. We are a very close team. At any time, off the field, you can find a number of guys hanging out together. A lot of the guys on the team are roommates.

412:  If you had to take one shot to win the game what kind would it be, where would you put it?

King: Right wing about 12 yards out from the goal. Time and room shot that goes into the upper corner. We call that “top cheese” at St. Thomas. [laughs] Don’t ask why…

412: Do you want St. Thomas to go NCAA or MCLA D1 or are you happy being a dominate D2 team? 

King: I definitly want to see UST as an NCAA D3 team in the future. I think St. Thomas is fine where we are at until we win a national championship.

412: How do you want this year’s team to be remembered?

King: As the 2009 MCLA D2 National Champions!

412: Any big lacrosse summer plans?

King: I usually take the summers off from playing lacrosse but i will be coaching 7/8th graders from my home town.

Thanks to Jason and good luck to you and St. Thomas next week at the tournament.


Doesn't look cold at all

Doesn't look cold at all


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