MCLA D1 Tournament


COMMERCE CITY, Colo.—May 4, 2009—The Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) announced the Division 1 and Division 2 teams that will compete for national titles at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colo. May 12-16. The University of Michigan, last year’s champion, and the University of Dayton are the top seeds in Division 1 and Division 2, respectively. 
The tournament field for Division 1 is:
1. University of Michigan (CCLA)
2. Brigham Young University (RMLC)
3. Chapman University (SLC)
4. University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMLL)
5. University of Colorado* (RMLC)
6. Simon Fraser University (PNCLL)
7. California Polytechnic Institute (WCLL)
8. Lindenwood University (GRLC)
9. Sonoma State University* (WCLL)
10. Florida State University (SELC)
11. Virginia Polytechnic Institute* (SELC)
12. University of California-Santa Barbara* (SLC)
13. Boston College (PCLL)
14. Colorado State University* (RMLC)
15. University of Oregon* (PNCLL)
16. University of Texas (LSA)
*= at large bid

Immediate thoughts

  • Simon Fraser as a 6th seed even though they went undefeated and beat BYU, the 2nd seed, Virginia Tech, the 11th seed, and Oregon the 15th seed twice, is a joke. I hope they play with a chip on their shoulder, because that’s an outrage.
  • Maybe Simon Fraser was punished for playing a soft schedule outside of the three aforementioned tournament teams but Lindenwood got the 8th seed. That doesn’t add up.
  • I’m not surprised Colorado State made the tournament, doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed. Chapman will make short work of them. When is the last time CSU got bounced  in the first round?
  • UCSB posts an 8-7 record and gets in with the 12th seed after being ranked 18th in the May 3rd poll. 

What are you upset/thrilled about?


4 responses to “MCLA D1 Tournament

  1. Lindenwood as an 8th seed? I know they won the GRLC but thats too high of a ranking. Plus thats not even a strong conference, when was the last time they made it out of the first round? I don’t know how other teams in the nation get players but Lindenwood gives full rides to their lacrosse players. Why else would Canadian players want to travel to a small private st. louis school? This is Club level lacrosse and if they are giving full rides they need to start playing against other teams that do so. And the funny thing is, they give the full rides but still can not compete against the good clubs of the country, Like how they lost to Colorado and Colorado State.

  2. Bmore special

    1. They don’t give full rides to their lacrosse players. Even D1 teams don’t give full rides except in very, very rare instances.
    2. If they aren’t winning anyway, why do you care?

  3. Mike must be losing to Lindenwood….somehow, cause that’s tough to do.

  4. This is funny. Go Clan.

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