Interview with Michigan recruit Conor McGee

Currently there are 155 MCLA recruits listed on Laxpower’s recruiting database. There aren’t a lot of players coming in from recognizable high school programs but when I saw that Michigan landed Conor McGee a goalie from Gilman (Md.) I became curious. More than likely I thought this kid was the back up, maybe even the 3rd string but that simply isn’t the case. McGee is the starting goalie on a team that was previously ranked #1 in the country, currently ranked 7th nationally on Laxpower. I wanted to find out his thoughts on playing in the toughest conference in the country and why he choose an MCLA school.


412: Traditionally goalies on the number one team in the country don’t go on to play MCLA lacrosse, why did you choose Michigan?      

McGee: I was mainly recruited by small D1 and D3 schools, and I eventually decided that I wanted to go to a big university. Michigan seemed to fit perfectly. It’s a huge football school with great academics and a really great lacrosse program that could easily compete with some D1 teams. After my visit out there, I decided that it was the place for me.

412: Did you consider any other MCLA schools?

McGee: I briefly considered a few other MCLA teams, but my decision came down to Michigan or D3. 

412: Do you expect to compete for the starting job next year?

McGee: I definitely hope to compete for the starting spot next year. I don’t think anyone hopes to not start.

412: You play against the number one team in the country every day, how is that going to help you when you face MCLA teams?

McGee: It helps a lot because I know that every day in practice I’m facing the best shots I’m going to see all week. Also I get warmed up by Owen Daly, an All-American who played at Princeton, his shot is about as good as it gets. I think it will prepare me very well for next year.

412: What’s the best part about being a goalie?

McGee: The outcome of the game often depends on the goalie’s play

412: What’s the worst part?

McGee: The outcome of the game often depends on the goalie’s play

412: Why is Maryland lacrosse better than New York lacrosse?

McGee: I would have to say that flow plays a major role in Maryland’s lacrosse supremacy. New Yorker’s don’t play with any style.

412: If you had to go to an IAC school which would you choose and why?

McGee: Probably Georgetown Prep because they seem to be the best IAC team, and they have the sickest high school campus I’ve ever seen.

412: Most field players are terrified of stringing their own sticks, who does yours? 

McGee: For a while a strung my own stick, but recently Paul Danko, the team stick doctor, has been stringing my sticks.

412: And finally, Penguins vs Capitals who do you like?

McGee: Capitals. Who’s going to stop Ovechkin?

Thanks a lot to Conor. Good luck with the rest of your senior year. 



6 responses to “Interview with Michigan recruit Conor McGee

  1. Bmore special

    That’s not Connor in the closeup photo.

  2. That is definitely me

  3. this kid’s gunna be an mcla stud one day. but will he start next year? unlikely.

    p.s. – hey pens fans get out your brooms.

  4. umichlax07 do you know the heimlich maneuver, because Caps are choking like its 1992, 1995, and 1996 all over again.

  5. I’m not trying to take anything away from Michigan, but after watching this kid play a blinder in the pipes like he did last night versus Calvert Hall for the championship, my only question is: how friggin’ stupid are the D1 coaches who didn’t think this could could play at that level?

    • He said he was looking at smaller (i.e. lower ranked D1 schools), D3, and Michigan. He said Michigan was a perfect fit for him. Well I have no doubt he will get scored on at the club level he is after all only human, he is probably the most refined recruit a club program has ever landed. Not many starters from the number one ranked team in the country go on to play club lacrosse.

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