Central Michigan’s Zone Defense

People from Michigan are upset I called CMU the chipmunks, sorry I thought that was their nickname. They are actually the Chippewas which I believe is an Native American, a hunter gather type. 

Anyway I used to think Texas A&M had the worst kits in the country.


That’s because I hadn’t seen the CMU kit yet


CMU runs a zone defense. Unless we got a false scouting report which happened against Va Tech actually.

Zone defenses are boring and slow the game down. Whatever


3 responses to “Central Michigan’s Zone Defense

  1. Naw, aTm still has the worst.

  2. I don’t know how much you know about the game of lacrosse but zones are really only effective against teams who cant move the ball well and who cant shoot so obviously if you had trouble with the zone your team can’t do either

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