CCLA Tournament




Saturday, May 2, 2009

4:00 p.m. EST

East Stadium, Saline High School

Saline, Michigan

Yeah’s that’s on Michigan’s homepage. I feel like a baby sea lion on the shore waiting to get attacked by a great white shark or the kid in the USA baseball hat

APTOPIX Hurricanes Devils Hockey

The bigger problem is May 2nd is my birthday. No one wants to lose 25 to 3 on their birthday.

Assuming we beat the Chipmunks Friday night of course.

I’m pissed about not making the All-CCLA team (more on that later). I guess I’ll have to take it out on CMU. But then again this kid didn’t make all conference either



7 responses to “CCLA Tournament

  1. Dude, All-CCLA Teams are a joke. I have 6pts per game my sophmore year (third in the conference) and didn’t get anything.

  2. ......weak ccla???

    Ya, they must be a joke seeing how Pittsburgh has gotten their face smased in by MSU, and UofM. ALso you had a weak season, 24 pts. in such a “weak” conference, isin’t much to brag about or complain about… sure the “chipmunks” appreciate that comment, better keep your head up coming across the middle of the field….goodluck pittsburgh “pussy-cats”

  3. No you didn’t Drew. Everyone always talks themselves up.

  4. dude you sound like the biggest tool and pussy ever good luck with the “chipmunks” you’ll be lucky to even play on your birthday

  5. 25-3? so you’re putting the line at michigan -22? i’ll take michigan to cover.

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