Cinderella Weekend Before the Ball


North Texas over Texas State

What happened Bobcats? Somehow the score is uploaded on but no other information

UT over SMU 

Lightening doesn’t strike twice for Mustangs. Pony up next year.

North Texas vs UT today at 2pm for the LSA title. That sounds weird 


Having  playing against Tech I can say their offense is not something to joke around with. However I am impressed they held Florida to only 9 goals. At least the Gators have a good football team.


My favorite Real World season was San Diego, but that doesn’t mean I’m not upset that they beat my adopted favorite team the Claremont Cougars.


3 responses to “Cinderella Weekend Before the Ball

  1. the reason for claremont’s loss is obvious, they were wearing black shorts with their white jerseys.

  2. Or it could be because Claremont played an overtime game less than 24 hours prior while SDSU had the day off. The Southern division of the SLC is weak. Claremont, UCSB & LMU are all better teams than SDSU.

    • true, that and Claremonts habit of going down big early. down 7-1 in the first quarter isnt a great way to start a game

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