Sudden LIFE vs. Kanye’s Denim Jacket

Interesting trends

  • We’ve lost every game we didn’t video blog
  • We’ve lost every game I’ve had 1 point or less in
  • We’ve won every game in which I’ve had 2 or more points
  • This video captures how I felt scoring the overtime goal against Western Michigan seconds after I had turned the ball over on the first possession of OT

No big deal that Peter Sykora #17 scores against some team from Michigan in that video

Finals week, play off hockey, final regular season game tomorrow at Grove City. Certainly poor scheduling but I doubt GCC is going to give us a free pass. They just lost to Dayton 12-8 and I watched Dayton dismantle Carnegie Mellon so things could get interesting especially if we are missing players for evening finals.

Bad news is we lost two in a row for the second time this season. The good news is we’ve won the next game after the two game losing streak.

This can’t be real: WANTED: MIDGET W/ NO ARMS AND NO LEGS FOR GRADUATION PARTY. On May 19, I will be graduating from Law School. My parents are throwing a graduation party for me and my friends. We are looking to hire a midget with no arms and no legs to perform at the party. Must be able to fit in the back of a Tonka truck. Must be able to swim.

I just wanted to play basketball to get girls. Okay buddy


3 responses to “Sudden LIFE vs. Kanye’s Denim Jacket

  1. dude your wack why all the hate towards a&m we did have a shitty season, no lie but wtf have yall accomplshed ever some clutch wins over western michigan……………. western michigan thats sweet bro

    • No hate, only dislike for the silver riddels for no reason. Shock for the back to back loses to TSU. That feels weird typing it.

  2. ight. your right. the helmets are pretty wack but we got a good deal on them and the football team had some silver last season so they thought we needed some. we will be back next season though.

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