No Joy in Mudville

First of all, if you aren’t watching this game on ESPNU today you’re an asshole


Don’t complain that its on ESPNU.

Don’t complain that its going to be a lot slower than D1.

Don’t complain that its on tape delay.

Don’t complain that we don’t have an EA Sports lacrosse video yet.

Don’t complain that poker is on tv more than lacrosse, and then NOT watch this game. Watching any game on television boosts ratings boosts lacrosse exposure boosts the growth of the game. Consider it community service your civic duty to watch.


This season I’ve missed posts on 4 days. Three days in Toronto without my unit and yesterday a day after we lost to Buffalo.

Yesterday I just didn’t have it in me, went out the back door of the locker to avoid the media and avoid saying something dumb and emotional.

Too upset to blog, too upset to talk about lacrosse, too upset to talk about the team, too upset to talk about myself, you know somethings wrong

The calmed down, long winded version after the jump

Because there’s no tv coverage of the MCLA, with the exception of the final four last year and Michigan vs. Chapman this year, it’s difficult for fans around the league to get a gauge on a team’s overall ability because all they can see is the box score on For example, we lost to Va Tech 19-4 but it was 3-2 after the first and 6-3 at half so maybe if we make adjustments at half time, maybe they continue to have bus legs, maybe if the rain comes down a little bit harder maybe the score is closer maybe we win. The point being in our four losses this season I’m not sure the score or even the result of losing is indicative of our individual talent but its a team sport and everyone has to be on the same page for you to win.

Friday night was an opportunity for us to win the CCLA D1 South Division title against Buffalo, just a regular club team like us that had to wait for the rugby team to finish practice before the game warmups could start, just a regular club team that played four games in three days to save money, just a regular club team whose four coaches don’t attend 205 or Blue Chip to recruit, just a regular club team with decent but not awe inspiring athletes, just a regular club who doesn’t charge $10,000 per player dues or have a budget bigger than the NCAA D1 baseball team, just a regular club team just like us.

Quite simply, the playing field was level in many ways against Buffalo but we couldn’t take advantage and the better team who did not have better individual talent won the game. 

If you have a GPA over 0.9 you will be able to understand what I have just inferred. 

Back tomorrow.

Will this week be the week I reveal what team I have been told is going D1? Maybe

Don’t forget get your MCLA flow pictures in for the contest.


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