Bare Witness Lacrosse Video Game Cometh


Carlo Sunseri, current assistant coach at Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh’s own NCAA Division 1 team, is doing the unthinkable.

Providing the world with an outdoor lacrosse game to be made available for download on xbox 360.

Get on facebook, check out the following group How bad do you want a lacrosse video game there you can see the market analysis he has conducted in the hopes of providing the xbox community with the best game he can develop.


A video has already circulated which was quite impressive for the very early stages of development (supposedly ready for release in 4.5 months)

Join that facebook group for more information



2 responses to “Bare Witness Lacrosse Video Game Cometh

  1. if this is true it will be awesome, i will totally buy it, is it ncaa or what?

    • More coming later this week. Its confirmed. I believe it will be college rules but not with licensed schools

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