2009 MCLA All Name Team


We are just getting started. The next five weeks are going to be huge.

Maybe one of 4 things that Inside Lacrosse does that I respect. Jon Brand is not one of the remaining three.

If you aren’t on the list your parents a) were probably sober when they named you b) wanted you to have a normal childhood or c) aren’t very creative

After the jump

Attack      Dallin Payne     Utah State

Attack     Sterling Frazier     Central Florida

Attack     Wesley Downing     Connecticut

Midfield     Gunnar Rawlings     Boston College

Midfield     Riker Vermilye     Southern Methodist

Midfield     Crispy Hoover     Oklahoma

Defense      Preston Benditz     Baylor

Defense     Chase Bakaly     Southern California

Defense     Britton Cone     Brigham Young

Goalie     Asa Spain     Texas State


If I missed a teammate of yours, let me know in the comments.

Send in your pictures for the flow contest. Prizes to be announced shortly


4 responses to “2009 MCLA All Name Team

  1. haha, Gunnar went to the same high school as I did, but is 2 years younger

  2. Krieger Shaw Midfielder University of Idaho

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