Revolution The Portal, The Contest

In honor of the impending post season we are ramping things up in a big way.

Doesn't look like a hip place to play

Doesn't that look like a hip place to play

For example, we might start writing like this.

FACT: the first ever 412 Lax Contest has arrived.

FACT: The prize will be worth between $38 and $100

FACT: Michigan’s chances of repeating are now 10/3

More after the jump

We are pleased to announce our first ever contest creatively titled the MCLA Photo Expo.

We want you to send us your best photos from the 2009 MCLA season.

This contest has been inspired by the top 5 pictures I selected from the 90% of lax is the flow facebook group.

Consider those pictures for what we’re looking. EPIC. EMOTIONAL. FLOW.

Absolutely sick prize to the winner. Email your pictures to by May 16th

Winners will be announced after the finals.


Rhode Island Lacrosse you guys are morons.

As I’ve mentioned all year, hazing is obnoxious and stupid. Underage drinking however is apart of college and for many teams the lacrosse road trip experience. I would guess that at least 89.9999949% of the teams outside the top 5 drink on their road trips. And I would guess that this decision impacts their play in a negative way 100% of the time. So I ask, if you are paying to play a sport, why do something to yourself the night before that is essentially going to cost you money the next day.

We didn’t play well today, Mom.


Well, I think it had to do with the soft mattress, the nude gay art show, and be being hung over.

Rhode Island doesn’t have that problem anymore. Because they don’t have any more road trips? 

No because on a recent road trip they were drinking. They filmed it as if to say we are the first college kids ever to drink in a hotel room. They put it on facebook.

Guess who found out about it?

The school.

Season cancelled. Probation. Money down the drain.   

Michigan Blog

I was just made aware of this blog and I need a reason to practice my linking since I just figured out. You can find all their game day videos some of which have made our blog.

Scroll down for a cool article about a former teammate of theirs who is an absolute academic beast. Unfortunately, this Rhodes scholar didn’t get the memo about wearing white ankle socks with a suit.



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