Claremont vs UCSB

The other day I asked what was going on Santa Barbara. 

They are now 8-5 on the season and ranked 9th by Laxpower but 17th in MCLA Lax Mag poll.

Losses to Colorado State, Michigan, Sonoma, BYU, and Claremont will hurt your ranking.

Someone left a comment stating: “sb looks fine, easily the best defense in the nation. Just knocked off two top 15 teams in a week”

Now I’ll be the first to tell you I want nothing to do with #33 who is 6’6” there’s nothing worse than dodging against a jolly green giant of a defender whose natural born length can bail him out every time he wants to extend

However he is after all only man 

With all due respect to Claremont’s shooters, UCSB’s goalie either had the worst game of his life or simply isn’t very good. 

I  understand goalies don’t look great on highlight packages, especially slow motion video for 18 minutes. There’s a difference between being over powered by a shooter and giving up a 15+ yard low to low shot.

UCSB’s #10’s  blue soccer cleats which flash through the screen at the 0:55 mark are a mistake as well.

They are not going to make the national tournament this season and that is a shame.

Congratulations to Coach Ginnegar and the Cougars on the biggest win in the program’s history. You can tell in his post game comments how much the win meant to him and its really exciting to see that emotion and passion for an MCLA coach.

As a player its tough to argue with the atmosphere at Claremont’s home games. Win the biggest game in program history and have a “rabid” fan join you on the field and pour some sort of college liquid down your throat at the 18:28 mark.

Why this video was in slow motion for 2594 hours is beyond me. I almost threw up when the speed shifted back to real time. Have to wonder if this video and subsequent jabs at the UCSB fans even gets made if Claremont loses. 

Regardless I am thankful for vimeo and the millions aaaaaaaaaand millions of fans reading my blog, posting videos online for my blog to share, talk about, dream about. Lacrosse is a wonderful wonderful sport to be apart of right now.


3 responses to “Claremont vs UCSB

  1. wow why was the entire video in slow motion?

  2. Killerswellsbrah

    been following your blog, great work.

    as a fellow goalie, i agree, UCSB’s keeper looks like he is in super slow motion. hopefully for him, it was an off day.

    keep it up man, i love reading about the mcla happenings.

  3. UCSB has two 6’6 defenders #33 & #7. Both are captains and both are very good. It looks like Claremont was running an invert in a lot of these goals. Could that be the answer to the win? I wonder what “new tricks” the head coach thanked the asst. for? Does Claremont always have fans in swimsuits at home games? I’m in!

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