Weekend of Horror


Shinichi Maruyama

Shinichi Maruyama

Chapman put up a goose egg in the 3rd quarter last night and lost to BYU 10-7, a very exciting regular season continues. Good rebound following their loss to Colorado who I thought was going to be a lot better this year especially in light of their grueling workout video they posted on youtube.

What has happened in Santa Barbara this year? 7-5 heading into today’s conference match up against 8-4 Loyola Marymount. More California players going NCAA instead of to UCSB? Missing Coach Allan? In all fairness to the current head coach Allan was 11-7 last year. The well may already have run dry. UCSB was one of the schools I was looking to transfer to. Definitely would have loved to play for a Princeton man. Any other thoughts from my California fans? UCSB the court jester to Chapman’s reign as king in California? 

Things to do this weekend:

  • ab training and plyos (for the beach and CCLA tournament)
  • Duke UVA on ESPN 2 at 4pm, no choice but to watch, what choice did you have? NONE
  • pray for a Maryland victory over Hopkins
  • just watching the Masters on HD is like believing in God
  • funny story, Easter tomorrow

wild crowd, it’s what we in the biz…like to call school spirit and Salisbury lost again yesterday


2 responses to “Weekend of Horror

  1. sb looks fine, easily the best defense in the nation. Just knocked off two top 15 teams in a week

  2. Important win over Loyola yesterday thats for sure

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