Weekend Video Review (even though its really a preview)


  • Can’t wait to watch the Carnegie Mellon Taylor game at 7pm tomorrow night at beautiful Gesling stadium
  • The only good thing that came from our road trip to CT/RI was Chris Roy’s father taking pictures, thanks Dr. Roy you’ve saved my facebook profile from being purely entirely stagnant 
  • No scouting report for Rhode Island would have been nice to know they were going to run a zone defense, Jesus
  • 412 Lax  is getting ready to drop a bomb of intel/gossip/rumor stayed tuned


Last weekend we played two games in my most hated conditions. 


  1. Mud vs UCONN
  2. Wind vs Rhode Island


They are my most hated conditions because I more often than not play terribly in said conditions because I am not built to play in such conditions as such when I can’t perform at my best I decide to hate said weather conditions which full me with angst because they prevent me from enjoying the sport that I love more than my ex girlfriend.

Solution: stronger, faster, harder, treat your body like a Lambo Gallardo thanks Scott Umberger even if your brother is former Flyer

Goal: pack 10-15 pounds while maintaining or improving current quickness and agility

In other words, pretend like I’m trying to walk on at Salisbury.

Ambitious. Gutsy. Documenting all summer. It’s going to be big.


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