11 From Heaven


11 goals in one game.

Holy mother of God.

I’ll be lucky to have 11 this season.

I don’t think I’ve taken more than 3 shots in one game let alone 11 let alone scored 11 in one game.

Earlier this season I asked if Claremont had a scouting report for Chapman’s Connor Martin (thanks for the edit).

Now I am forced to ask a similar question. Did UMD not have a scouting report for Yealy? 

Coach Graff is one of the brightest minds in the club game. I’m sure they did. I’m sure they knew he’s a crease attackman who finishes everything he touches. But what happened?

UMD’s video webcasts are a few weeks behind right now so I wouldn’t be able to determine the break down for a while.

It’s still mind bottling, you know when your thoughts get all trapped like they are in a bottle, that he scored 11 goals. As a Pittsburgh native, I’m proud of him. As a CCLA opponent, I’m terrified of him. As a lacrosse fan, I’m baffled.

Does anybody in the league want to lock him off with a short stick?

Song for the afternoon, gets the people going


5 responses to “11 From Heaven

  1. The old man....

    The kid has a gift – or gifts.
    WPa lax sending some talent out there too!
    Thanks for the vine….

  2. claremont shut Clayton down, it was Conner Martin that killed them

  3. clayton sprained the shit out of his ankle in that game. he could barely walk.

  4. he looked pretty healthy. i thought he hurt it the next week against michigan

  5. UMD knew how he played and how Michigan runs their offense, they even practiced it on the off day from what I’ve heard, but somehow he still managed to put up 11 and be virtually untouched in the process, hes the real deal from what ive seen, as is the entire team of Michigan

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