Spoils to the Winners

Recruiting updates on Laxpower’s database are generally unofficial until the school itself provides a press release stating so and so is attending next fall. Most players at the D2, D3 and MCLA level submit their own information for the database. I know I did when I headed of to D3 country and I imagine a majority of the 91 players who will be playing at the MCLA level next fall have personally submitted their information as well.

Regardless of whether a player or coach is submitting the information it seems foolish for either to lie about their future destination thus we can assume the aforementioned 91 players currently entered in the database are actually headed to the schools they claim and therefore we can briefly analyze the database from the MCLA prespective.


Michigan is expecting a class of 12 including a goalie from Gilman and a middie from John Jay, very impressive.

Florida State is expecting a class of 20 mostly from Florida and a transfer from Suffolk. New York has treated the Noles well in the last few years.

Duluth should add another 12 players including an attack from Ontario, good luck trying to strip him, and a middie from Huntington Beach California who probably has never seen snow.

BYU only has 5 players right now but I expect that list to grow exponentially in the coming weeks.

What’s the point of this? Quite obvious really. The best teams are getting more talent. More talent means a higher success rate. More talent means more player dues. More player dues means more income. More income means buying more stuff.

How do MCLA coaches go about recruiting especially if you aren’t a full time coach? How many full time coaches are there? I can think of only 3, and guess what, they coach teams that have won 94% championships in the last several years.

Does an MCLA coach of a middle of the road team even hit the recruiting trail in the summer? Does he go to even one recruiting camp or tournament? Is it the players’ responsibility? If so, what kind of message does it send to a recruit if he’s being contacted by a 20 year old kid? “Hey come to ABC State this weekend for a visit, we’ll get you hammered then you can watch practice.” Isn’t that what happens on NCAA recruiting visits? Rhetorical question, Farley.

Two MCLA recruiting stories for you. Coaches will remain nameless.

A coach from a CCLA school told me he’d get me football tickets for my family if we came up for a visit. Sounds great my 17 year old mind thought.

A coach from a SELC school told me I could get into the school easily if my family friend who was an alum of said school wrote my letter or recommendation. Perfect thought my 17 year old mind because I don’t think I could get into the school without insider help.

A few weeks ago I asked who was monitoring steroids in the MCLA. Well, who is watching recruiting practices? Certainly the above stories aren’t violations by they have been misleading. What if I only applied to that SELC school and didn’t get in? I can’t imagine I’d be too happy.

I’ve heard the MCLA tries to follow the recruiting rules of NCAA D3 schools and thats fine, thats admirable. But, who watches the watchmen?


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