Hip to Be


Great practice yesterday in terms of spirit and energy, still making some mental errors but in terms of effort it was certainly there. You’ll have that anytime you have to compete against the defense for push ups and sit ups.

It was definitely the roughest practice I’ve experienced at Pitt and its good to see the defense was a little annoyed with dodgers running rampant.

Tomorrow’s practice is all about speciality play considering man down was shredded and man up was 0 for this weekend I think we need it. 

I am still trying to catch my breath after Salisbury lost this weekend. With that in mind take a look at this great shooting drill.

I do think there is a general lack of higher end lacrosse education. Salisbury’s shooting drill presentation available on their website certainly tries to fill that void. 

There are hundreds of general lacrosse camps and recruiting camps but few camps offer advanced instruction that could especially benefit a middle of the road player i.e. the MCLA caliber player or the D3 player. 

You either spend $600 on a day camp to watch the Powell brothers do stick sticks or spend $600 to play in front of coaches worn out from a summer on the recruiting trail. What about next level teaching? Give me more videos like this before I have to watch Joe Walters repping STX saying a quick release on your shot is really important.

The summer is approaching and with that means the last off season before the last year I play competitive lacrosse. The wheels are spinning on how to take full advantage of that down time which will be hardly down I can promise you that.


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