No Sheet of Integrity This Weekend

Pitt Lacrosse 0-2

Pitt Men’s Basketball 0-1

Pitt Women’s Basketball 0-1

An abrupt end to the men’s and women’s hoop teams’ seasons. We took a significant step towards the end of our season after this weekend. I few weeks ago I said if we wanted to have a chance of earning an at large bid in the tournament we needed to win at least one of the games this weekend. Didn’t take care of business. We gave Va Tech a decent first half and MSU a decent first quarter. In a way its hugely disappointing to lose so badly twice in 72 hours. But on the other hand, to know we lost and didn’t play our best for full four quarters suggests we haven’t reached our talent ceiling yet.

The only way we can make the MCLA tournament is by beating Michigan in the CCLA tournament. Jesus.

We have three games to go before then. All on the road. At UCONN. At Rhode Island. At Buffalo, which should determine the winner of our side of the CCLA conference, the everyone but the Michigan teams division. 

From what I understand the winner of the division gets a bye in the tournament which would be nice unless you’ve played a 9 game season and really don’t have a full grasp of your team. 

Will we be playing teams in our division leading up to the tournament championship against the winner of the division (Michigan)? Or, is there a mixing and matching?

This weekend was embarrassing for a litany of reasons but the one that resonates the most is we simply aren’t bad.

With 3 maybe 4 games to go I don’t know if there is enough time to turn things around or progress in such a way that rewards the hard work senior captain and team president Bill Egan has put in.

But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try and it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take full advantage of the off season when it arrives.

This is after all a student run organization. We need only look into the mirror.


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