Scouting the Scouting Report

Scouting reports for MSU and Virginia Tech were distributed today. Their worth won’t be determined until after the game.

I spoke with a friend of mine who plays for Stevenson (NCAA D3). He told me their scouting report for a game two weeks away is 20 pages long.

We’re working with about one and half pages combined for both teams which was sent via email. BYU snubbed my request for video of the Va Tech game or perhaps I just contacted the wrong coach. 

Either way the differences between D3 and MCLA are always making themselves known to me. 

Both scouting reports essentially said the same thing. Strong offense, suspect defense which I believe could be said for almost all MCLA teams. As I mentioned in the video blog last Friday, team defense is a generally overlooked part of the MCLA world outside of the top 5 teams that have coaches that really understand what’s going on. 

Considering we haven’t played in almost a month, something that will be fixed next season, I wonder what our scouting report says.

How serious do MCLA coaches outside of the top 5 consider scouting? Are coaches really happy to have an emailed paragraph about their upcoming opponent? I remember Flip Naumberg used to confess that he didn’t believe in scouting. He was more concerned with what his team did. Certainly one way of thinking.

At Wooster we watched video tape of  team from New York. They played so slowly and so boring that I feel asleep in the film room. A week later we drove to upstate New York to play them. Needless to say they were much faster in person. We lost by at least 8. 

So maybe not having game tape is a blessing in disguise. Time will tell. One more practice to go before the biggest weekend in Pitt lacrosse history.


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  1. go hokies

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